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git commit -m "first blog post"


Hi there!

I'm Raluca. A 17 years old software engineer wannabe, even if my brother says I already am. Thank you brother for the support, could've used it when you used to yell at me every time I would walk in your room to ask you to play with me - but I guess now it's okay too :) Just kidding he’s the coolest go check his blog.


With this blog I want to share with you my progress and my ideas and what I learn, so in a way my life as a software engineer but also as a human and a woman. Having people actually reading it and maybe enjoying it or learning something from it - it's more than I could ever imagine.

Let's start by you knowing who I am - funny I’m in the process of creating a game that will help people do just that.

I am living proof that you can be the dumbest and smartest person someone knows.

Raluca. Lowkey introverted but everyone who knows me would tell you that I’m extroverted.

I love programming and I became good at building stuff and things - I’m in the process of launching my biggest project so far. I also enjoy participating in robotics competitions where I’m able to design, build, 3D print/design or program robots.

I can’t decide on what genre of music I like, but I can tell how my future is going to look like in 5 years.

I like to wake up early in the morning and see the sunrise. I like to write - I started writing a novel, but it’s a lot harder than what I was expecting - and also to read and recite poetry - but somehow I hate reading books.

I love playing Cards Against Humanity, Dark Stories or Monopoly.


Because of the quarantine me and my parents shelter ourselves at our vacation house in the small village where they grew up.

My daily routine became programming, working on projects for clients to make some money, doing school work (lately I’ve been missing some online classes and assignments), drinking probably too much coffee, having my daily 5 min session of going into the room where my mom works and annoy her or helping my dad build our house - actually I don’t do much but he says that I’m his greatest partner so let me enjoy it.


This quarantine (as bad as it may sound) was actually one of the best things that ever happened to me. But more on that in another blog post.

Okay, talk to you soon :)