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COVID-19 Tracker


COVID-19 Tracker

Subject: React.js, Node.js, API, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Netlify

Language: English

Source: Github

Link: Preview

I wanted to take my skills and contribute to the crisis the world was facing.

This is a web app that fetches real-time data of the numbers regarding COVID-19 victims and visualizes them through a graphic by countries or worldwide (infected, deaths, recovered). The visual data does present nicely.

App Screenshot

I used the Covid-19 API.

Built with React.js (Front-end) & Node.js (Back-end).

Deployed on Netlify.

I had to do a few media queries to optimize it for mobile use. To present the data visually, I used Chart.js. I also used CountUp.js to add numbers counting up in the card component.